The differences and how they affect you

When you decide to enrol in a dive course, you have the choice to do so with several different dive organizations. These organizations have developed their own teaching materials, standards and certifications which their instructors use to conduct the courses. There are quite a few organizations in the world and they all have different philosophies and standards. In general, the differences are not too big and no matter which organization you take a course with, you will use the same equipment and see the same marine life under water.


PADI and SSI are the two largest scuba diver certification bodies in the world. There qualifications are recognised across the planet and are mutually compatible. Your SSI qualification will enable you to take the next step in the PADI system and vice versa.

Training and safety standards in both organisations are set by the WRSTC (World recreational Scuba Training Council). This means there is no basic difference in the skills you will learn from either PADI or SSI, or the safety standards they adhere to. In both systems the character and experience of your instructor will be the most important factor in your course.


The differences between these two are quite small. The PADI system of performance based learning means that divers need to retain their learning materials while SSI’s comfort through repetition method doesn’t require you to own the materials. This means that PADI courses tend to cost a little extra. SSI also empowers our instructors to add information and/or skills if that improves the quality of the course. That doesn’t mean the instructor can do just anything, but we do like to give a student as much value as possible and make sure you get a quality course in which all aspects of that course and more are covered.


In addition, with SSI we are able to process your certification card locally, so in most instances, you will receive your original certification card right at the end of your course and we don’t need to give you a “temporary” card. This means you will be registered straight away and you don’t need to wait for your original card to be sent home. No waiting months for your certification cards, when you complete the course – you are certified! With your card you may now dive anywhere else your travels take you!


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