Protected Marine Sanctuary

Visits to the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, usually form part of a ‘Superday’, which is a local term that means you can complete 3 dives in one day. The number of dives is optional, you can complete 1, 2 or 3 dives, but be aware that you will remain onboard our boat for the duration of the full 3 dive day. Given the depths and sometimes strong currents found in Shark Point Marine Park, the dives are for advanced divers only or for those working towards their Advanced Open water qualification.

Wreck Diving

The King Cruiser wreck is normally the first and deepest dive of the Superday. On a good day, you can see the outline of the wreck from the surface, with the bridge starting at a depth of 18m and the propellers sitting on the bottom at 30m. The 85 metre long passenger ferry sank on the 4th May 1997 after straying several kilometres off course and hitting Anemone Reef. The King Cruiser has now become an effective artificial reef and provides a good site for deep diving and non-invasive wreck exploration. The wreck is home to large schools of snappers and has an abundance of Lionfish and well camouflaged Scorpionfish. It is also commonly visited by Whale sharks between Jan-Mar.


Scuba Diving Anemone Reef and Shark Point

The second dive of a ‘Superday’ is normally Anemone Reef, named after the huge number of anemones that cover just about everything. This barely submerged reef is a well know shipping hazard that sits 4m below the surface and stretches down to 30m in places.

Shark Point is usually the final dive of the day and derives its name from the Leopard Sharks that are often encountered resting on the sandy bottom. Shark Point is comprised of three pinnacles, only one of which breaks the water. Depths here can reach 30m.

All of the above sites are deep and exposed resulting in nutrient rich waters and sometimes strong currents. These sites are a magnet to huge schools of reef fish and pelagics. It is common to temporarily lose a buddy that is only 2m away in enormous clouds of Three Spot Snapper moving in unison, and there is always larger game fish such as Barracuda and Tuna, patrolling the fringes. Turtles, Leopard sharks, Lionfish, Octopi and Moray Eels are all common on these sites and much, much more……

Price: 3900 THB (2 dives), Fully Inclusive
4600 THB (3 dives), Fully Inclusive.
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