Scuba Diving the
Phi Phi Islands

Comprising a number of islands about 2 – 2.5 hours away from Ao Nang by our diving day-boat. These islands form the Phi Phi National Park and contain a multitude of popular dive sites. Only the largest island Phi Phi Don is inhabited, the remaining islands are all impressive limestone cliffs rising out of the clear, turquoise waters.


The beach at Maya Bay on the second largest island of Phi Phi Leh, was the setting for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘The Beach’ and as a result attracts hordes of camera happy travelers.

On the East side of Phi Phi Don, you can visit the Viking Cave’ , which contains cave drawings made by generations of native fishermen to bring them good luck. It is also the place to witness locals climbing hundreds of feet up vines and rickety bamboo ladders in order to harvest swallows nests, an expensive delicacy bound for the Chinese market.

Phi Phi Dive Sites

The many dive sites of the Phi Phi Islands offer something for all divers with gentle sloping reefs, deep pinnacles, wall drift diving, swim throughs and some small caves. Depths range from 5-25m and visibility is consistently above 10m, and very often 25m plus.

Highlights of the Phi Phi Islands include scuba diving Bida Nai and Bida Nok, two islands 5 minutes south of Phi Phi Leh. These islands are a scuba divers dream as they tend to attract bigger schooling fish and pelagics as well as being home to a huge variety of macro critters.


Occasionally, Whalesharks do show up and the dive community goes berserk, especially in 2005, when we had the privilege of scuba diving with 9 playful Whalesharks together at the Phi Phi Islands’ pinnacle of Hin Bida.

Price: 3900 THB (2 dives), Fully Inclusive (Currency Converter)